Friday, October 7, 2011

Think Red!

Red is the choice by designers if you want to make a bold, sophisticated, and rich statement. Imagine deep rich red slip covers on your furniture to add that pizzazz and give your room a look of class and even royalty. Red is a courageous color and often will command even a shier personality to step more into the limelight. Red is also an amazing back drop that makes other colors in your room stand out and sing.
If you are not looking to make as bold a statement, red is an excellent accent color that many designers feel should be in every room in some way. Such an example would be a set of red textured throw pillows with other pillows on a more neutral shade, a red throw blanket, or a red vase filled with a dried arrangement. Red as an accent color can really tie in a room without the eye realizing what the element is that brings it all together.
Red can be bold, versatile, and subtle. A compliment of many in one color, and an excellent choice to think about when navigating the redesign of a room or to add to an existing decor.

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